The Krabi 4 Islands Tour is something you must have come across as you look forward to a holiday in Krabi. The Krabi Sunset Tour is indeed famous, but if you haven’t heard or read much, you’re in for amazing surprises.

Krabi has over 200 Islands, and the 4 Islands, also known as the local islands, are located very near the coast. But in reality, they are more than four islands as many limestone cliffs form little islands littered throughout the area. 

The largest of the 4 Islands of Krabi is known as Koh Poda, famous for its cliff that towers right in front of the beach. A very picturesque sight to take amazing photos. On the other hand, Koh Tup is one of the most visited.  

Book your Krabi 4 Islands Tour with us and treat yourself to an unforgettable experience in this infamous location. As your trusted travel agents, we will take you on a speed boat across the breathtaking views of the 4 Islands.

You get to snorkel in the otherworldly colorful waters in this Krabi region. Furthermore, you will discover spectacular rock formations like the striking rocks of Chicken Island. And undeniably amazing is the so-called chicken head, shaped like a hen’s head.

4 Islands Tour Krabi: Amazing sights to behold

Did you know that the limestone rocks in the 4 Islands once had life? They are comprised of skeletons of marine organisms, including corals and mollusks! Surprise, surprise! 

Thousands of years ago, these rocks were submerged under water as living corals. That was until they died and formed the calcium carbonate sedimentary rock that you see towering above the 4 Islands. This type of rock is only found in Vietnam and Krabi, making the 4 Islands Krabi Tour even more intriguing. 

But that’s not all. In our semi-private Krabi Sunset Tour, you get to see so many other curiosities we will explain while on the boat. 

What to expect on our 4 Islands Tour

Our Krabi 4 Island Tour differs from other Tour agencies for two reasons: we are the only tour agency operating a small group of 12 tourists maximum and the only one to use a speedboat. 

How does this benefit you? It’s simple. By using a speedboat rather than the traditional long-tail boat, you’ll get from one point to the other faster, allowing you to spend more time viewing the attractions in each destination. You’ll also be able to get back to your hotel on time. 

The 4 Islands Tour begins with the transfer directly from your hotel with a private Tuk Tuk between 12.00 pm and 12.30 pm. Then, it will take you to the port of departure. 

During the 4 Islands Tour, we will show you the areas of greatest interest, starting from Railay Beach West, where you can relax and enjoy the surrounding landscape. The tour continues in the direction of Koh Yawasam, where you may snorkel to discover tropical fish and the seabed. 

Our 4 Islands Tour then stops at Poda Islands, where you will have enough time to explore this location.

We will sail towards Chicken Island to see the morphology of the cliffs and take pictures of Chicken’s neck cliff, after which we will stop at Koh Tup. 

Tup Islands are a couple of small islands located right in the middle of the Marine National Park and are probably the most visited due to the unique tide that defines their appearance. When high tide dominates, the two beaches are completely submerged, leaving only two rocks in the middle of the sea. 

However, it is at low tide that these islands reach their most famous shape. The sea retreats and joins the two islands, creating a long strip of sand that can be traveled on foot to the island of chicken. The spectacle that is created is completely phenomenal and amazes tourists every time. 

Stop at Phranang Beach to relax and enjoy the unique Krabi Sunset, after which we will board the Speedboat. Before returning to the port, we will stop for a Night Bath to discover the Plankton that lights up, one of the best sights during Krabi Sunset Tour. 

Once you arrive at the port, your Private Tuk Tuk will await you to take you back to the hotel.


Poda Island is easily visible from Ao Nang Beach and is the most popular in Krabi because it is only a 20 minute boat ride (Longtail), Poda is the Rangers Park Base and is equipped with Bars and Baths. Poda Beach is a large white sand beach where you can relax and swim in the crystal clear sea. Walking on the left side of the island you will arrive in the wild side, certainly quieter and far from the front area, where tourists stop to take pictures in front of the large limestone that makes the surrounding landscape unique.


Krabi Sunset Tour will show you the three main islands facing Ao Nang. Tup Island  is an incredible place where you can swim and snorkel to discover the local marine life. When the tide turns back you will gradually see a white sand line appear that will allow you to walk to Chicken Island.


Chicken Island is the largest island of the National Marine Park and takes its name from the large limestone rock that resembles a chicken, a must for lovers of Snorkelling because the area is full of marine life, you can swim together with shoals of Pisces Angelo that they are attracted by the boats that stop in the small bay of the Island of Chicken.


Stop among the small islands of the archipelago to snorkel among depths full of colorful fish and immersed in a crystalline sea.


Visit Phranang Beach, located on the Railay peninsula and accessible only by sea. Relax on the beach and visit the caves at the end of the beach, including the Princess’s cave, one of the fixed stops for those visiting the Krabi region. Enjoy the sunset comfortably lying on the beach until the last ray of sunshine.


Last stop will be the Plankton Tour or one of the natural wonders that only Krabi offers in Thailand. When the sunset disappears behind the horizon and the darkness of the night takes its place you can enjoy this amazing phenomenon, take a mask and do not be afraid of the dark or cold, I guarantee you that it is worth, billions of microscopic organisms illuminate water and you can only see them by snorkeling in the sea Krabi Sunset Tour is a “Must” in Krabi, so do not forget, this YOU MUST DO.



2.500 THB / 73,00 $ ADULT - 1.800 THB / 53,00 $ KIDS



  • Transfers to / from your hotel in Ao Nang 12.00 / 12.30; from Railay 12.50/13.20;
  •  Transfers Klong Muang 11.30 / 12.00 Tub Keek 11.00 (Extra 500 THB)
  • Accident insurance (up to 1 million THB)
  • Professional Tourist Guide in English/Thai
  • Mask for snorkeling and life jacket
  • Lunch at the beach
  • Water, Coca-Cola, Ice Tea
  • Tax of the Marine Park 400 THB



Our Tours are limited and early booking is recommended, do not wait until the last moment!

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