A Krabi Tour Company Creating Personal Experiences 

Krabi VIP Tours is a leading Tour Company in Krabi providing boat tours, day trips, and private tours to the top attractions throughout Krabi Islands.

Here, we are ready to make your holiday in Krabi truly personal and unforgettable. We guarantee this by offering private Krabi tours and semi-private tours with not more than 12 people on board.  

Our tour agents are very friendly and will give you all the attention you require throughout your excursion. With us as your Krabi Tour Company, you are indeed a VIP. 

Book your Krabi Island tour on our website now and immerse yourself in the beauty of Krabi.



We take care of Small Group Tours with a maximum of 13 people, therefore suitable for couples, singles, small groups of friends and families with children. You will have the opportunity to book your boat seats already in advance and guarantee your seat. Our tours have different timings and routes from the normal low cost tours so as to guarantee you a wonderful day of sea and sun.

CEO Krabi Vip Tour

Federico Pecutari born on Elba Island, Italy, where he worked for a few years at a local tour operator before changing his life and moving to live in Krabi. After years of holidays spent in Thailand in 2012 decided to open the 3 Bees Guesthouse and the 3 Bees Resort bringing customers on a boat between the islands of Krabi strictly away from the tourist masses, was born Krabi Vip Tour, the idea of enjoying a day between the islands with times and routes different from the normal low coast Tours.


Our Speed boat (2017) has 1 250 cv Honda engine suitable for sailing between the islands of Krabi, saving time on the routes and making the journey more comfortable and quiet compared to the traditional Thai boat called Longtailboat. Capacity 13 people + staff.


All members of our staff over years of experience share the love for the sea, our goal is to give you an unforgettable day of snorkeling and relaxation in complete safety. From the Captain to the Guide we will always be ready to help you and advise you during all our excursions.


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Why Choose Us? 

Our primary aim is to give couples, families, and a small group of friends the best personal experiences, which is why we take care of Small Group Tours and Private Tours in Krabi. 

As the best travel agency in Krabi, our itinerary differs from other low-cost companies so that you can tour Krabi privately in serenity away from tourist crowds. A true VIP experience!

If you’re looking to create unforgettable moments with your loved ones while immersing yourself in nature, you have come to the right place.

We are the most popular Tour Agency in Krabi. Book your Krabi Island tours with us and create unique memories for yourself and your loved ones. 

Krabi Vip Tour has operated for years within the 3 Bees Guesthouse and most of our reviews unfortunately have arrived at the hotel. This year we are finally on TripAdvisor as Krabi Vip Tour and after a few months we have already achieved excellent results thanks to the wonderful words of our customers who advise us and support year by year.



Our Tours are limited and early booking is recommended, do not wait until the last moment!

Contact us now and request information on our services and programs: our multi-lingual support will respond in 24h. Krabi Vip Tour remains at your disposal for quotes, offers and tailor-made excursions for families or groups.

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