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The good news is that the Krabi region of Thailand has some of the most breathtaking scenery in all of Thailand. This environment is breathtaking, from the towering limestone cliffs in the distance to the white sandy beaches below them. However, this natural splendor does not come without a cost and is referred to as mass tourism. As soon as we arrived in Ao Nang, the most popular tourist destination in the province of Krabi, we wanted to escape this touristic nightmare as quickly as possible!

Luckily, we didn’t. We decided not only to stay, but we even decided to prolong our time here! Who would have guessed? We truly owe it to the hotel that we were staying at, which was placed not too far from areas frequented by tourists but also far enough away from the activity that we were able to have the area to ourselves and take pleasure in it. Continue reading for some of our best-kept secrets in Krabi!

What awaits you in Krabi province

Caution is advised: If you intend to travel along the typical tourist routes in Krabi while the high season is in effect, you should expect your time in Thailand to be less than satisfying. The month of January in Ao Nang is absolutely insane, which places it on the polar opposite end of the spectrum from the serene islands of Koh Lanta and Koh Phangan.

The enormous and well-known Railay Peninsula is known for the numerous rock formations that dot the surrounding area. We believe that you won’t find more breathtaking examples of nature anywhere else in Thailand than here. However, we feel obligated to tell you the truth: this picturesque setting is teeming with throngs of people. Without a doubt, we could have planned our trip for a more favorable time of year, one that was not in January. There is no sugarcoating the fact that Railay Bay has seen significant transformations over the course of the last ten years, none of which have been for the better, despite the fact that the natural scenery may be rather lovely.

However, if you venture out from Ao Nang and off the Railay Peninsula, you will find that parts of this region have not yet been impacted by tourism and are just waiting to be discovered. And some of these hidden gems will be revealed to you in the following paragraphs.

The best time to visit Krabi

Before you make any plans for your trip, it is important to think about what the best time is to travel in Krabi, as well as in Thailand in general. Although there is a dry season and a wet season, the weather does not always act in accordance with those seasons.

The months of April and May, as well as the months of October and November, are typically considered to be Krabi’s rainy seasons. It is conceivable for there to be anything from light drizzle during the day to deluges that last for hours. After the month of December, the weather tends to become more stable. The dry season ushers in steadily increased sunshine and more tranquil waters.

It’s a well-known fact that the Christmas holidays take place at the time of year with the mildest climate. A vacation to Krabi around the holidays and New Year’s Eve could be advised, but only if you have the ability to keep a smile on your face and tolerate the vast crowds of people. When we visited at the beginning of January, we found the province of Krabi, and especially the Railay Peninsula, to be so incredibly crowded and chaotic that we were forced to settle for beaches that were meant to be deserted but were actually filled with sardines instead.

Given that we anticipate reduced foot traffic throughout the months of February and March, we believe that this is the ideal time to go.

Krabi: From Mass Tourism To Insider Tips

Ao Nang and the Railay Peninsula

Ao Nang

The vast majority of hotels in Krabi province are located in this area, which serves as the region’s tourist hub. It also has a beach, known as Ao Nang Beach. However, we don’t think this is one of its best features. The continuous movement of the long-tailed boats and the crowds penalize it. However, this shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Ao Nang is the perfect place from which to embark on excursions to the nearby Railay Peninsula.
What we remember most about Ao Nang is the main street, where you will find almost exclusively souvenir shops, restaurants, pubs, hotels and massage parlors. In the evening, you will notice that the center is animated by the presence of many people. If you are not just passing through Ao Nang, we do not suggest staying in the very center of the city unless you plan to go out and have fun.
Everything has a completely different look and feel as soon as you leave the central area. You can find some quiet corners and quaint guesthouses in this area.

The Railay Peninsula

One of the most stunning regions in Thailand is the Railay Peninsula, known for its craggy limestone cliffs covered in lush vegetation and rank among the country’s most attractive natural features. Nothing has changed about the terrain in the roughly ten years that have passed since Romeo first arrived here. On the other hand, the number of tourists has increased at a rate comparable to an exponential function.

The Railay Peninsula is inaccessible by any other means than by boat. Once upon a time, the peninsula was home to nothing more than a scattering of modest beach bungalows. These days, however, the area is home to a number of five-star hotels, despite the fact that rates here are far more expensive than in the rest of Krabi. Because the majority of tourists (like us) only visit Railay as a day excursion from Ao Nang, the area will typically get substantially less crowded beginning in the late afternoon.

Other destinations in Krabi

Tiger Cave Temple

Don’t be alarmed; despite what the place is called, you won’t find any tigers in the Tiger Cave Temple! Simply put, a breathtaking panorama of the mountainous region of Krabi. Before you can enter the temple that is located at the summit of the mountain, you will have to climb exactly 1237 stairs. Sounds like a lot? It is! And not to mention how much more difficult the tropical heat makes the ascent.

If you are relatively fit, then the elevation should not be too difficult for you to handle. We required approximately forty-five minutes. Make sure you bring enough water with you and take enough breaks. If you run out of either, you can always buy something to eat or drink in the stores that are located in the parking lot.

Because the Tiger Cave is a Buddhist temple, visitors must dress respectfully by donning garments covering their shoulders and knees. There is no charge whatsoever to enter.

Another word of caution: we’ve heard that the cheeky monkeys frequently block the route for tourists by walking in front of them and crossing their paths. To tell the truth, it is! There are a great number of monkeys in the surrounding area. We make it a point to move stealthily around them at all times, and up to this point, we’ve been successful. However, you might also see people posing for pictures with these monkeys, so you shouldn’t be surprised if they start acting aggressively toward you!

4 Islands by private boat

When it came to hiring a private boat for a tour around the four famed offshore islands, we didn’t have to give the decision much thought at all. The excursion to the “4 Islands” is consistently ranked as one of the most well-liked day outings available in the Krabi region. Because we knew from prior research that the tourist boats would be quite busy, we decided to hire a private long-tail boat instead. That was, without a doubt, the most important piece of advice we could possibly offer you at any point in time. You should think of each dollar (or baht) as well spent!

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