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Have you contemplated your next big adventure and wondered what you might do in Krabi? We will tell you all there is to know about the finest places to go, how to get there, and when to go so that you can have the most incredible vacation you have ever dreamed of. It’s going to be perfect for you. Thailand is well-known all over the world for its breathtaking beaches with pure white sand and azure ocean.

Krabi provides you with all of these things and many more! Visit us, and you can discover for yourself what makes this place so enchanted. This place has everything from breathtaking waterfalls and caverns to explore to picture-perfect beaches and clear waters. Krabi is known for its breathtaking variety of natural settings. From a continent covered in the mountains and surrounded by the breathtakingly beautiful Andaman Sea. The total number of islands in this archipelago is 130. Climb some rocks first thing in the morning and then spend some time lounging on the beach. The beaches on Koh Krabi are more stunning than those on Koh Samui and Koh Phangan, both of which are located in the province of Surat Thani. In addition, it is significantly less crowded with tourists than the more well-known Phuket. Ao Nang Beach and Railay Beach are both well-known destinations.

If you feel like you’re going crazy in Bangkok, take a trip to Krabi in the south of the country for some exploration and time to recharge your batteries. It is home to some of the most popular party islands, such as Koh Phi Phi, and some less traveled locations. Those who are searching for something a little bit more laid back will find that it is the ideal location for entertainment and relaxation.

Four Island Tour

When you get there, you’ll understand exactly why Krabi is considered to be one of the most tranquil destinations in the world. Because it is home to more than 130 stunning islands, it just can’t help itself. One of the province’s most spectacular features is that many of Krabi’s beaches are so remote that they can only be reached by boat. When you go on an island tour in Thailand, you may see some of the country’s most remote beautiful islands and beaches by taking a traditional and colorful long-tail boat. The most well-known excursion is known as the “Four Island Tour,” and it brings visitors to Railay Beach, Tub Island, Chicken Island, and Poda Island after traveling along the coastline of Krabi. There are caves and cliffs at Phra Nang Beach, which is also visited by certain trips.

Koh Phi Phi

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Koh Phi Phi! As a result of Leonardo DiCaprio’s phenomenal turn in the film “The Beach,” it is now considered to be one of the most well-known locations in all of Thailand. However, it is not just a single island but rather a small archipelago that consists of six islands! And it is impossible to compile an exhaustive list of the best Krabi attractions without including them.

Maya Bay is the only beach on Koh Phi Phi Leh’s island, the second largest of the Phi Phi Islands. This is the well-known stretch of pristine white sand where Leo liked to hang out. Because of the damage that was done to the ecology, the beach is unfortunately off limits to tourists indefinitely. It used to be the primary attraction for tourists to come to the island, but it also contains the entrance to the Viking Cave.

Tips and things to do in Krabi
Tips and things to do in Krabi

White Sand Beaches

White sand beaches with some of the finest, clearest, and velvety sand you’ll find anywhere in Asia can be found across Krabi, Thailand. Ao Nang is a good location to begin if you are looking for an area to use as a home base for beach-related activities.

When traveling to Krabi, Ao Nang is one of the most well-known destinations to check out. It’s crowded and full of tourists, but it’s a beginning, and it turns out that a lot of people actually really dig that vibe! Ao Nang Beach is also a well-known destination in the neighboring province of Krabi. Ao Nang is home to many pubs and restaurants, and it is also the departure point for many tours and dive expeditions. Nopparat Thara beach and Railay beach may be reached in a few minutes. The stunning and world-famous Railay Beach is located in Krabi, and the only way to get there from Ao Nang Beach is via boat. Boat trips leave on the hour and only take around ten minutes to complete.

Beautiful and tranquil neighborhoods may be found along Railay Beach, in addition to a gloriously warm sea. The beaches that are flanked by vegetation are frequented by a variety of monkeys and rock climbers. Phra Nang Beach is located in a very isolated area and is known for its limestone cliffs and caves. Phra Nang Beach can only be reached by long-tail boat from Ao Nang, where it is located. Explore some of the incredible marine life that Thailand offers by going scuba diving or snorkeling at one of the dive centers located here. Consider renting a kayak if you enjoy being on the water and participating in sporting activities.

Scuba Diving at Ao Nang Islands

Make it a point to cool off in the magnificent Andaman Sea whenever you get the chance, no matter which islands or beaches you end yourself visiting. Rent a mask, some fins, and a snorkel to go scuba diving in Thailand; this activity is widely considered to be among the best things to do in Krabi for a good reason. The water is nice and warm, and it has the most beautiful shade of blue. You could even get to witness some fascinating marine creatures!

In the event that you are interested in giving scuba diving a shot, you are in for a real treat. You should give it a shot in one of the best spots to do so, which is the Ao Nang Islands. It’s one of the most well-known dive spots in Krabi, and there are some amazing things to see there. It is a wonderful experience for both novice and experienced divers alike. Even more impressive is the cave system located on Koh Yawabon and accessible to divers with sufficient competence.

There are several different diving shops from which you can choose. The cost of two dives typically ranges between 2,700 and 3,200 Thai Baht. You shouldn’t just travel to Ao Nang Islands, though; there are plenty of other places you should go to blow bubbles! Krabi is home to a great number of spectacular dive locations. It is possible to go to Koh Haa Yai, an island that is known for its spectacular underwater cave system, from Koh Lanta.

Explore the Area on ATVs

Explore all terrains on ATVs or quad bikes. You may pick up a rental vehicle in Ao Nang for approximately 2,000 baht per hour and then use it to get around Krabi and check out all the best things to do there! Standard roads make up the majority of the roads that you may cruise about on; however, on some of these roads, you can also go through plantations. You can join a guided trip around Nai Sa if you want to get away from the crowds and experience something unique. This allows you to go off the beaten path and provides you with a more genuine taste of the beautiful Thai countryside, both of which are quite awesome.

Always check the condition of the quaddies before you leave, as it is not unusual for them to be in poor condition if they have been driven to the ground by inexperienced drivers who wear down the gears and brakes. This is why you need to check the quaddies’ condition before leaving. Always err on the side of caution to avoid having to apologize later. And head protection is always a good idea – just in case!

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