Krabi region is located in South of Thailand and extends for 4,700 km², positioned between Phang Nga and Trang, offers its visitors beautiful landscapes ranging from the Mangrove Forests to the marvelous islands of the National Marine Parks, one above all Phi Phi Islands. On this page, however, we want to inform you about the different areas where you stay overnight, as often it is made a bit of confusion booking Hotels a little ‘out of the way or with features that then result to the detriment of the holiday itself. Krabi Town is the main city but certainly not the most important tourist destination, several markets are held during the week including the best known Krabi Night Market every week. The city offers very little because the shopping centers are located near the airport of Krabi and therefore I do not recommend overnight stay in the city. The region has had a surge in tourism in the last six years that has led the country to expand the transfer services of the whole area. Let’s consider as a point of arrival Ao Nang, since it is also the main one and let’s list the options to get there.


From Krabi Airport to Ao Nang there are 30-40 minutes by private taxi cost 500-600 thb for the route, about 1 hour or more if you take the large and white Bus Shuttle that you will find outside the Terminal, cost 150 thb to person, if you choose the latter choice, please specify the name of the hotel as there are 3-4 Bus Shuttles and if you catch the wrong one you will lose more time. Krabi Bus Station to get to Ao Nang are 30-40 minutes by collective taxi cost 60-80 thb, remember that after 20 pm in the evening the station is deserted. You can get here only if you travel with normal Thai public buses, I do not recommend it. Coming by sea with the ferries, the speech is complicated a bit ‘, so I try to be simple: There are two ports, one in Ao Nang and one in Krabi Town, some companies arrive directly on Ao Nang while others on Krabi. IMPORTANT is to know that the ferry companies also offer HOTEL TRANSFER, Free or Pay. So always ask before boarding and especially when you get off, ask the staff to be sure. I would like to point out that companies often change from year to year so always send us an email requesting information to be safe and up-to-date. We have the options to get there.


Ferry Phuket – Ao Nang will pick you up directly at the hotel at 7 am and take you to the hotel in Ao Nang after the ferry ride, transfers included in the price.
Koh Yai Noi – Ao Thalane chargeable transfer.
Phi-Phi – Ao Nang, transfer to the hotel is free.
Phi-Phi – Krabi transfer upon extra payment 100-150 thb per person.
Koh Lanta – Ao Nang hotel transfer free of charge.
Koh Lanta – Krabi hotel transfer free of charge
Koh Lipe – Krabi hotel transfer Free

Krabi is well served with 3 companies also for the routes of Koh Samui – Koh Panghan – Koh Tao and we feel obliged to advise Lomprayah which guarantees an excellent service Minivan + VIP Bus + Ferry so it will be very easy to move from one side to the other of Thailand. From Krabi you can also reach Koh Lipe, two options, one all by sea, expensive alternative and sincerely also lost time, and a Minivan + Ferry route starting from Ao Nang at 6 am with Minivan to the port of Pakbara and from there Ferry to Koh Lipe. Minivan options for all main destinations Phuket, Koh Lanta, Trang, Hat Yai with daily departures at 11.30 am but the company will pick you up at 10 am at your hotel. For the long journey to Bangkok I recommend to travelers the VIP bus only for foreigners, 12 hours of travel with departure at 17 pm and arrival in Bangkok at 5 am.


Ao Nang is the main tourist destination of Krabi and stretches for a few kilometers along the main road that goes directly to the beach and where you can do the “Struscio” in the evening among the many shops and restaurants in the area. The town is suitable for everyone and thanks to the size is recommended for those traveling in Thailand for the first time, you will have time to become familiar with the country and local customs until you become familiar with every corner of the entire area. All of the Krabi Islands can be reached from Ao Nang with daily excursions at very attractive prices, as the main National Marine Parks are just a few minutes away from the port of Noparatthara Beach. An advice I want to give you is not to be too attracted by the price when you contract for a tour, there are many companies operating in the area and often behind low prices there is a low service. At the two ends of Ao Nang Beach you can find the offices to buy the Taxi Boat tickets for the Railay Peninsula which is located on the left of the village and can only be reached by boat as mentioned in previous articles completely closed by a mountain range. Along the main road that goes down to the sea you will find two hospitals and also Dr. Samboon, a doctor of reference for us residents, the small police station near the beach and continuing in the direction of Nopparatthara Beach you will also find the Tourist Police. With the tourism , in addition to the construction of new hotels, two Supermarkets have been built, Tesco Lotus and Makro, where it is also possible to buy Italian products such as Pasta, Oil and much more.


Railay Peninsula is certainly one of Krabi’s most striking views, with its limestone cliffs overlooking the sea, the caves and the beaches, offering visitors breathtaking views and unforgettable moments to take with you after your holiday.
Being completely isolated from a mountain range, Railay area can only be reached by sea by taking the taxi boat that you will find both on the beach of Ao Nang Beach and Nopparatthara Beach, do not forget to make the tickets, cost 100 thb per person each way, you will find the offices for the purchase directly on the two beaches.
Ton Sai Beach, Railay West, East Railay and Phranang Beach, the latter the most fascinating and popular because of the Cave of Phranang where according to legend lies the spirit of the Princess and where they are left on offer the now famous wooden phalluses. Ton Sai Beach is the least frequented by tourists but it is probably the most famous in sports activities since for decades now it has been assaulted by Rock Climbers around the world not only for the many routes but also for the views that at certain heights they turn into real postcards. Railay Beach West Coast is a white sandy beach and is the point of arrival of almost all taxi boats, the beach is still large to be able to carve out a corner of peace and is also equipped with facilities such as restaurants and resorts.


Phranang Beach is undoubtedly the most beautiful of the four and also the most visited as it is included in some daily excursions such as the Sunset Tour that includes dinner on the beach at Sunset, another thing not to be missed here in Krabi. There are no restaurants on this beach but in return there are many boats used as street food where you can buy food and drinks. As mentioned earlier in Phranang it is possible to admire the Princess’s Cave and also the rocky wall that houses it. You can reach Phranang directly by taxi boat from Ao Nang Beach or you can also get there on foot from Railay West Coast, crossing the two Railay’s Walking Street and you will find the Ravadee Resort, pass by the walkway and arrive at Phranang Beach. In the route between Phranang and Railay East you can also reach the View Point where you can take incredible pictures.


Nopparathara Beach is the second beach that is located beyond Ao Nang Beach and continuing to the end of the long beach is the port where all the boats are parked in the area, still the area is under construction and renovation of some areas.
Within the coast, then behind Nopparathara Beach is located the small village of Klong Haeng where there are some hotel facilities and shops of first necessity, the place is small and as the crow flies it is not far from Ao Nang Beach but nevertheless preferable to use a scooter.


Klong Muang is about 25-30 minutes from Ao Nang Beach and is a very quiet area suitable for those seeking rest. The country is a real fishing village overlooking the sea, along the beach there are several 4-5 star hotels but the area still maintains its wild charm thanks to the distance from the tourist area. However, remember that to come to Ao Nang will not only serve the necessary time but also the money, as each route to be covered can cost between 500-600 thb so even in this case ask if the hotels have free shuttle services.


Tub Keek can be reached in 30-35 minutes from Ao Nang passing the Klong Muang area is the last beach reachable by motorbike, after which the road stops abruptly and begins a journey of several kilometers along a path in the jungle that leads to the View Point, it is a real Trekking, a classic for lovers of the genre. At Tub Keek there are only 2-3 resorts strictly on the beach and overlooking the islands of Koh Hong.


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